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Ron Taylor has a degree in microbiology from the University of British Columbia. His journey has taken him from Quality Control at Andres Wines in Port Moody, where he quickly advanced to the position of Assistant Wine Maker before becoming the Chief Winemaker. Ron spent 22 years at Andres Wines as an integral part of a team that produced over 5 million litres of wine annually.

After leaving Andres in 1992, Ron has focused on working with small wineries in British Columbia and Washington State with several trips to Mainland China to consult on cider and other winemaking projects. Ron has been involved with the start up of wineries that are reviving the art of making fruit wines produced from superior quality fruit and berries grown on the wineries farms.

Ron has infused his high standards into Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery and has brought a commitment to perfecting his trade. His efforts have won awards and acknowledgement from his peers, as well as praise from visitors to Sleeping Giant with crafted wines that draw attention to detail, resulting in a wide range of varietals that are distinctive and exemplary.

Company History

Ted Atkinson founded Summerland Sweets in 1962 after having received a Bachelors Degree in Food Science at Oregon State University in Corvallis in the 1920’s. He also worked at the Federal Agricultural Research Station in Summerland and acted as head of the food processing lab there for many years.

In the early 1960’s Ted was on the verge of retiring from his distinguished career. He was also a very active member of the local Rotary Club and decided to make a fruit jelly candy to raise funds for the club. Working out of a pickers’ cabin on his cherry orchard he produced candy for the club for a couple of years before he turned to commercial production. What began as a fundraising effort grew into a retirement project and blossomed into Summerland Sweets Ltd.!

Sleeping Giant Winery is owned by Summerland Sweets. What lay behind Ted’s success with Summerland Sweets was his dedication to quality; he was particular about the type of fruit that went into his products — and his guidelines which are still followed today, have now been incorporated into the new Sleeping Giant Winery.

Bottle of Sleeping Giant's Strawberry Rhubarb wine & a bundle of strawberries.



We are located on the lovely Canyon View Road — which is 3 miles from the town of Summerland. The printable map on the Contact page will get you to us.

Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery
6206 Canyon View Drive
Summerland, BC

Interior of Sleeping Giant
Interior of Sleeping Giant Winery Store


Bottleneck Drive Wine Route

Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery is a member of the Bottleneck Drive group of wineries that are situated on the newly formed wine route.