At Sleeping Giant we have 13 table wines that range from dryer to sweet plus 8 dessert wines to tempt you. The offerings are categorized by sweetness which will indicate appropriate food pairings.

Table Wines

11% alcohol, 750 ml bottle.

Apricot Wine

A subtle blend that presents ripe apricot flavour with a crisp finish. An incredible pairing with ham, chicken or turkey.

Gala Apple Wine

An off dry wine with a varietal apple flavour. Well balanced, flavourful and very smooth. Delicious served chilled with grilled pork tenderloin, barbeque ribs and pork roast.

Pear Wine

A richly flavoured wine tasting of fresh picked pears and with a lovely floral bouquet. Pale straw in colour, well balanced with a silky smooth finish. Couple with grilled salmon, halibut, scallops, prawns or crab for a wonderful dining experience.

Peach Wine

A delicate white wine with the wonderful aroma and flavour of tree-ripened Okanagan peaches. Pair with chicken or soft cheese.

Saskatoon Wine

A dry red wine. The bold flavour of saskatoon is captured in this full bodied wine. The perfect match for wild game, buffalo, beef and pork.

Ted’s Red

A dry, light cherry wine with an aroma that captures the true essence of the cherry orchard. Perfect for a summer barbeque.

Ted’s Blend

Named in honour of our founder, Ted, this wine is a wonderful marriage of Lapin cherries and black currants. Fabulous with flank steak or beef kabobs.

Ina’s Blush

A beautiful blush wine created from Okanagan peaches with a hint of Fraser Valley blueberries. A great patio wine and delicious paired with salmon, chicken and soft cheeses.

Cherry Wine

The taste of tree ripened cherries is captured in this wine. Deep ruby colours with flavours resembling a rich merlot or cabernet. A perfect companion to burgers and ribs!

Blueberry Wine

A wine with the flavour and rich aroma of BC’s famous blueberries. Unique in colour, off dry with a good acid balance. Delicious with creamy pasta dishes and spicy curries.

Blackberry Wine

Our award winning wine at the 2009 Spring Wine Festival, this wine captures the delicate flavour and perfume of the aroma of ripe blackberries. A hint of sweetness, but spicy and well balanced. Fabulous paired with lamb, barbequed steak and wild game.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Wine

Pie in your glass! The taste of sweet strawberries balanced by the tart acidity of rhubarb. A beautiful sipping wine. Also a nice martini!

Strawberry Wine

The rich aroma of strawberries is captured in this wine. Garnet coloured with hint of sweetness in front of a crisp acidity. Serve well chilled with a fruit and cheese plate.

Cranberry Wine

This delightful wine has the wonderful spicy aroma of cranberries coupled with a tart acidity. The unique colour comes from cool fermentation and gentle pressing. Delightful with turkey, of course, and also pairs well with soft cheeses.

Raspberry Wine

Bursting with the rich flavour of fresh raspberries this is a nice sipping wine but also lends itself beautifully to wine spritzers, fruit martinis and vinaigrettes! Delicious served with camembert, brie, and goat cheese.

Pumpkin Wine

A unique wine with the subtle spiciness of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. Perfect served between dinner and dessert and lovely paired with fresh fruit or appies.

Black Currant Wine

A bold, full bodied wine with the tart ripeness of cassis up front and a smooth, rich finish. Excellent served with crackling roast pork, rack of lamb and BBQ duck.

If you like martinis we recommend you try this!

Two parts fruit wine to one part vodka. Shake well and garnish with fresh fruit. Great with Blackberry, Cranberry, Raspberry or Strawberry Rhubarb wine.


Dessert Wines

17% alcohol, 375 ml bottle.

Apple Pie Dessert Wine

The aroma of homemade apple pie is captured in this unique wine. A long cinnamon finish with subtle apple undertones.

Blackberry Dessert Wine

With a nuance of cinnamon and ginger in the aroma, this wine delights the taste buds with the full-bodied flavour of sun-drenched blackberries.

Black Currant Dessert Wine

A full bodied wine rich in the aromatic scent of ripe black currants. Often called Cassis. Full flavoured with good acidity to balance the sweetness.

Blueberry Dessert Wine

Intense in blueberry flavour and aroma, this wine makes a delicious addition to champagne and pairs well with fruity desserts and cheesecake.

Apricot Dessert Wine

Light in colour, subtle in aroma with a rich apricot flavour.

Cherry Dessert Wine

This wine has the velvety sweetness of ripe cherries. Full bodied like a well balanced port.

Ted’s Tribute

A delicious cherry dessert wine that has the aroma of orchard ripened Lapin cherries. Reminiscent of a port-style wine.

Strawberry Dessert Wine

A rich dessert wine, sweet and sumptuous with the wonderful tones of freshly picked B.C. strawberries.

Cranberry Dessert Wine

Hints of spice subtly present themselves in this delicate dessert wine. Moderately sweet with a dry finish.

Raspberry Dessert Wine

A sensational wine and winner of the Best in Class for fruit wines at the Spring 2011 Wine Festival. This wine presents a pure, concentrated depth of flavour for those who enjoy the true essence of this wonderful fruit. A delicious alternative to port or sherry.

Pumpkin Pie Dessert Wine

A rich, spicy dessert wine that captures all the flavours of autumn. Add a touch of whipped cream and dessert is served.

The Apple and Pumpkin Pie dessert wines are delicious served over vanilla ice cream, especially when topped with a bit of whipping cream!





Bottles of Sleeping Giant's Table Wines


Reviews and Awards

Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery, only in our second year of production is already winning awards. In the 2009 Okanagan Spring Wine Festival our 2008 Blackberry Table Wine won the Meritage Fruit Wine Award.

Our Blackberry Wine also won at the 2009 Okanagan Wine Awards held in Kelowna.

Bottles of Sleeping Giant's Dessert Wines