Export Information

The Canadian Dragon Trading Company Ltd. is the official export company for Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery. Our fruit wine product is exported to international markets under the trade name Summerland Giant. See Canadian Dragon for the product and export information.

For more information on Summerland Giant fruit wines export, please contact our distributor:
Canadian Dragon Trading Company Ltd.
World Trade Centre, Suite 404,
999 Canada Place,
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 3E2

International Fruit Wine Sales

Canadian Dragon Trading Company Limited was established in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to provide importing and exporting services to global customers. The company has a strong management team from diverse backgrounds, which reflects a collaboration of experienced business owners and professionals. Our extensive global network helps customers and businesses reach suppliers and buyers in North America, Asia and Europe. Our efficient supply chain ensures seamless product and service delivery.

We are agile and flexible to provide high-quality services tailored to our customers’ needs. The focus of our business is to deliver premier food and beverages from British Columbia, Canada to the international market.

Our Products

• Fruit wine, red wine and white wine, ice wine, liquor and spirits
• Jam, fruit juice, dried fruits, nuts and seeds
• Bakery goods, including cookies, bars, squares and bread

A Bottle of Sleeping Giant's Wine